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Travel and Ticketing module is designed for Travel agencies to facilitate flight and hotel bookings, refunds, generating of IATA reports, etc. Following are the features of this product.

Travel, Ticketing and Tours System is part of our “TOTAL SOLUTION PACKAGE” which includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Asset Management, Inventory, Order Processing, etc. All these systems are tightly integrated and easily share data with each other. Such integration allows the user to enter data just once. Once the data is validated, the system automatically updates all the relevant files. This results in error-free data in the system since the source of any problem can be easily located at its source.

Product Features

Project Image
Project Image


Travel Agency Management


Key Features



The system can be operated in either English or Arabic language. Employees not familiar with the package can enter data in English while Managers can view the same data in Arabic.

Integrates With General Ledger

The system can be integrated with general ledger to ensure that data is entered only once to avoid duplication of work. When ticket information is entered, it is automatically updated in the various ledger accounts and will appear in all reports such as Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, etc.

Handles BSP & Non-BSP Parameters

The system can identify those airlines belonging to BSP (Bank Settlement Plan) and generate appropriate reports for the various airlines.

Automatic Computation of Incentive Claims

Based on the Airline information, the system generates airline wise reports for claiming incentives from the various airlines for any given period.

Comprehensive Analysis

Instant access to MIS information such as Airline-wise profitability, Sector-wise profitability, etc. makes this an ideal tool for management in planning and decision-making.

Handles Part & Full Refunds

The system automatically computes the relevant data when a part or full refund is entered against a ticket.