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Real Estate Management System is designed for Companies having medium to large-size Real estate such as Apartments, Villas, Shopping Complexes, etc. The system allows the management to keep track of Income and Expenses incurred on each Building and analyze profitability based on different criteria such as Building, Location, Area, etc.

Product Features

Project Image
Project Image

View Reports On-Screen

All reports can be viewed on the screen before printing. This ensures that only necessary data is printed thereby eliminating wastage. The Real-Estate Management System is part of our "TOTAL SOLUTION PACKAGE" which includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Asset Management, Inventory, Order Processing, etc. All these systems are tightly integrated and easily share data with each other. Such integration allows the user to enter data just once. Once the data is validated, the system automatically updates all the relevant files. This results in error-free data in the system since the source of any problem can be easily located at its source.


Property Management


Key Features


Rent Collection

The process of rent collection is automated and made easy using the Real-Estate Management System. The system generates rent slips at the beginning of each month to be distributed to the tenants for rent collection. The actual money received from the tenants is verified against the rent receipts. This ensures error-free data entry.

Tracking Defaulters

The system keeps track of those tenants who are in default of their payments. By generating timely reports, it allows the management to reduce their bad debts by taking corrective action before it is too late.

Automatic Link To Accounting

The system can be linked to the General Ledger. In such a case, the system will automatically update the various ledger accounts. This gives double benefit to the management. In the first place, it ensures that there is reduction of data entry since the data is entered only once. Secondly, the management has quick access to up-to-date data whenever they want to view Account Statements such as Trial Balance, Balance Sheet etc.

Powerful Queries

The system can be used as a very powerful query tool to access information quickly and easily. Some of the examples of using the query system could be:

  • View all 2-bedroom apartments with rent between KD 100-200 per month.
  • View all Empty apartments in Salmiya area.
  • View all 3-bedroom apartments which are currently occupied and the rent is less than KD. 150.