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Easy to use

Easy to use, standard window menus & help messages.

Multilingual support

The system is capable of operating in multi languages like Arabic & English, switch language while working within the applications. The system allows different users to operate in different languages simultaneously.

Multi-user support

The system is designed to support multiple users in a networking environment. Data locking on the database is implemented successfully in the system. Great care has been taken to prevent data overwriting and loss of data while more than one users access or change the same data simultaneously.


Different functionalities to support multi-user security is embedded in the system. Grouping users, assigning supervisor rights to users, priority level setting for groups etc. Security setting allows the supervisor to set security for each menu and control in the application both on the group or user level.


Each product of Smart Solutions has different modules & these modules work independently of other modules except for the main components.

Fully Integrated

Each module & product from Smart Solutions is fully integrated to achieve the optimum data integrity required.


High-End reporting options are provided in the System. The user can view on screen and print the predefined standard reports. Options are available for the user to create his own reports, view them and save it to be viewed later with the updated information.

RDMS Support

The system uses industry standard RDMS database like Microsoft SQL

Flexible Architecture

The system is designed to functionally integrate all business aspects related to operations in a seamless manner, using a common database to ensure data integrity & accuracy. With its open architecture it facilitates the linking with other systems.

Online help

Help is available on all the screens and options in the system. Specific help on each option and control of the screens are also included.


The system is designed to be easily customized by setting various levels of parameters in configurations that allow companies to maximize their competitive strength.


Flexible pricing mechanism that will handle various customer needs.

External systems

Each product of Smart Solutions can be integrated to any backend system or front-end system.

Web integration

The system is capable of integrating HTML form & internet front-end tools to the core transactions & systems.

Open standards

The system supports industry standards such as Microsoft tools & technologies. The system is designed to allow deployment on multiple platforms.

XML support

The system supports the utilization of XML technology to communicate with other systems. The system supports the utilization for front-end tools like pocket PC & mobile services such as SMS.

Auditing capabilities

User activity logging is enabled in the system so that audit can track changes to database and user access to the system. Tracking to find out who did a particular action is hence possible. User login and logout on the system is also logged.

Proven history

Over twelve years in business, all modules and systems are fully tested to ensure the quality & readiness of every product & release.