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Point-of-Sale (POS) system is designed for companies doing retail business such as Super-markets, Pharmacies and other Retail-outlets which involve a high turnover in sales and the key to the success lies in processing customers as quickly as possible. Our unique combination of excellent hardware and software deliver a state-of art solution to the client. Some of the features of our system are listed below:

Product Features

Project Image
Project Image

Data-Mining Solutions

Smart POS keeps track of each item sold, plus additional information such as the date and time the item was sold. This presents management with vast amount of data to sift and analyze. With our Data-mining add-on tools, management can now study the buying patterns of their customers. Analysis can be made as to which days have the highest sales, what time do customers usually come to the store and what sort of items are being purchased at a particular time of the day. With information like this, management is in a powerful position to take decisive action and plan ahead. Point-of-Sale System is part of our “TOTAL SOLUTION PACKAGE� which includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Asset Management, Inventory, Order Processing etc.

All these systems are tightly integrated and easily share data with each other. Such integration allows the user to enter data just once. Once the data is validated, the system automatically updates all the relevant files. This results in error-free data in the system since the source of any problem can be easily located at its source.


Point of sale


Key Features


Reads And Prints Any Bar-Codes

Smart POS can read any industry bar-codes which mean you can directly use the manufacturer specified bar-codes. This will reduce data entry work and eliminate any errors which would otherwise occur when item codes are entered manually. For those items which do not have manufacture bar-codes, the System offers a simple solution of printing bar codes from within the system.

Handles Multiple-Shifts

For those companies having multiple shifts, the system keeps track of cash collected from each shift. This makes it easier for management to account for Cash from multiple cashiers who worked during the day. Data of each shift is kept separately for auditing purpose.

Internal Audit Of Slips

For each slip printed, an internal audit file is kept tracking every slip printed by the cashier. This avoids any misuse of the system by employees.

Handles Credit Cards

The system can accept credit card payments. At the end of the day, the system will generate summarized statement for each credit card showing the amount to be collected from each credit card agency and the commission to be paid.