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The school management system is developed to cater to the needs of all administrative and financial requirement of any school. The system automates the day to day activities performed by the school administration. In addition, it would present a valuable insight to the academic and financial information through various informative reports for the benefit of various departments and the management.

Product Features

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Project Image


School Management


Product Advantages


Powerful Reporting

Smart School management has powerful reports to give all the relevant information such as total revenue, discounts, collected fees, student's statistics, class wise list, etc. for selected academic year. In addition, all ministry reports can be generated from the system.

Up-To-Date Balances

You can now get instant information regarding a father account or student account, how much fees paid against each installments, how much outstanding, etc.

Full Security

Depending on the number of users accessing the system, you can restrict the access to each user. You can specify which user can execute which module in the system. Security is extendable to Transaction/Report level also.

Less paper work

No more writing receipts by hand. Smart school system can generate all receipts in pre-printed stationery. Since these receipts are automatically posted in accounting, this greatly reduces the amount of paper work involved and thereby reduces the risk of errors which usually happens when entries are made manually. In addition, all certificates/notices like transfer certificate, graduation certificates, registration notice, withdrawal notice, acceptance letter, etc. can be printed from the system.

On-Site Demonstration

To see how the system can be used effectively for your company’s requirements, a demonstration of the systems capabilities can be arranged at your company’s premises. You can see the benefits of the system before committing anything.

Open System

The System is designed as an open system and can interact with other systems. It can also import accounting data generated by other systems.

Tested solution

This product is fully tested under different working conditions.


Key Features

  • Application acceptance and assessment scheduling.
  • Assessment fee collection and refunding.
  • Automatic generation of student file from application.
  • Deposit collection for new registrations.
  • Powerful searching techniques.
  • Generate reports in Arabic or English.
  • All reports can export to Excel.
  • Student withdrawal.
  • Re-registration of withdrawn students for the same academic year without losing the student id.
  • Printing of all necessary documents like registration notice, withdrawal notice, transfer certificate etc.
  • Powerful reports for student’s current and historical information.
  • Tuitions can define either in stage level or grade level.
  • Supports up to four installments.
  • Flexible discount schemes.
  • Staff and Sibling discounts are applied automatically.
  • Transportation fee is treated separately.
  • Cashier can collect tuition fees, transportation fees and any other fees through system receipt transaction.
  • Can refund collected fees through payment transaction.
  • Up to date financial information of father account or student account from statement of account.
  • Powerful MIS reports.
  • Printing receipts in preprinted format.
  • Internet web statement inquiry for fathers
  • Ministry of education reporting
  • And much more...