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Planning, developing and deploying strategic business applications have been our forte and core business. Most of our projects for existing customers are turnkey solutions. The in-depth understanding of your organizational goals, business infrastructure and workflow is our key asset. We are able to customize business application to 'tailor-fit' any customer operations, be it developing an additional module or the entire solution.

Relentless in the pursuit of quality, nothing means more to us than a job well done and a satisfied client. We strive for perfection and therefore incorporate the best of technology, to improve employee productivity and overall general development.

Smart Solutions develop its own software, with highly efficient and experienced professionals who understand the product right from grass-root level, thus providing minimum down-time and strong after-sales support.

We specialize in integrating new technology with existing infrastructure to improve customer service and grow its business.

  • ERP Solutions
  • Develop Customized Solutions
  • Application Integration
  • Web Programming
  • Implementation & Training
  • Software Outsourcing

Characteristics of our Solutions


Our solutions are designed to satisfy client requirements and objectives. They are not pre-manufactured, rigid but adjustable. We design our products and develop them locally to meet your requirements.

We gradually implement our solutions in parallel to current operations to ensure ease of implementation.

Our solutions are tested inside our company and are subjected to utmost examinations before supply to clients.

We provide local, swift and direct technical support via all possible media.

Our solutions involve flexible databases and form design.

Our solutions are easy-to-use, simple and have a flexible interface.

We provide our clients distinguished after-sales service, training, maintenance and continued upgrading.

We provide training to the employees on all levels for the optimum utilization of the solutions we provide.

We use standard development tools to develop and implement our solutions.

We provide hardware that suits the client’s budget and future requirements.

We provide flexible network solutions with necessary devices and software.


Phases of designing client's software

  • Form a working team with the client to identify his present and future management, technical and design requirements.
  • Identify the basic structure of advantages and specifications that shall be involved in the software to be designed.
  • Present a proposal to the client for discussing that structure and reach an agreement thereon.
  • Definition of the time schedule for implementation of the software.
  • Carry out on-site tests to the software.
  • Monitor the software performance in cooperation with the client.
  • Adjust the final requirements of the software.
  • Provide training to employees on the software.
  • Install the software and commence operating it.
  • Compare the software application results with the old system.
  • Endorse the software after ensuring the accuracy of its results and dispose of the old system.
  • Monitor the performance of the software for sufficient period.
  • Maintain on-going communication with the client for carrying out maintenance works and assist users of the software and confirm client satisfaction.