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The store & inventory control handles product category & descriptive products information.

The system supports stock & location management with multiple units of measure. Various stock inquiries such as inventory balance on order, available, reserves.....etc.

The system also supports the inventory costing methods & physical counts & inventory movements with full statistics & management reports. The system consists of the following modules:

  • Stock Control
  • Stock Taking
  • Order Processing
  • Sales
  • MIS Report
  • Costing
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Product Features

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Key Features

  • Supports regular store activities from issues, returns, receipts & transfer, update of stock balances as well as average cost
  • System can have unlimited number of warehouses
  • Inventory to control facilities such as audit trail, identification of fast & slow moving stock & ABC analysis
  • The system supports stock replenishment & future demand for costing as a separate module
  • The system allows reservation of items & stock status information
  • Expiry monitoring & batches tracking
  • Stock taking & adjustments in physical counts with full integration of hand held devices
  • Extensive security features such as store access, cost & prices
  • Support tracking or manage work orders & follow-up
  • Handle job issues & returns
  • Tracks stock, damages & shrinkage
  • Reports on historical inventory balances & values
  • Views all items, transactions & on hand balances details on line, on screens & reports
  • Handles purchase orders, receive entries & supply returns
  • Handles foreign & local purchases & costs & calculates automatic shipment cost
  • Links to POS system & off-line inventory system
  • Maintains stock card for each item listing
  • Maintains customer-wise price list that will allow different prices for different customers
  • System allows to define mark-up percentage for each item or category & than system will automatically re-calculate selling price if purchase price changes
  • Keeps track of L/C’s & other foreign purchases. It also tracks items received & items pending against each L/C order
  • Provides discount on each item in the invoice or on the full invoice
  • Various formats of pre-printed stationery to automate business processes
  • Supports different types of invoicing, quotations, delivery notes & customer returns
  • Online & batch posting to Accounts with full integration of all transactions
  • And much more...