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Our Mission

Our company is interested in providing comprehensive automated business solutions for commercial & specialized companies in Kuwait & the Middle East.

Our mission is to ensure that all our products & services provided to our clients will achieve full satisfaction & fulfill their requirements.

Our Mission

Our Profile

Smart Solutions has been in the business of software development since 1992

And has earned a reputation for developing very comprehensive range of Business Applications, using the best-of-breed technology, all of which are developed in-house. We have catered for requirements of various types of businesses such as Trading & Contracting, Real Estate, Travel Agencies, Insurance brokerage, School, Retail & Consumer Loans, but are not limited to these only. We are capable of developing a customized solution wherein the solution needs to be developed from scratch.

Our philosophy embraces the desire to create competent, efficient and effective systems for business use addressing as wide an audience of business people as possible and providing a personalized service. We have a team of professionals who have many years of experience in software development. We understand not only the esoteric world of computers and programming but – More Importantly - the practical needs of the business world. Our systems are designed specifically for your business needs. The company is committed to help its clients achieve a total satisfaction from the solution through cost-effective means by providing services right from Study of user requirements up to the live run.